The Downsides Of Filing For Bankruptcy Without A Lawyer


One of the challenging parts of filing for bankruptcy is coming up with the money you need for it. When you file, you must pay the filing fees and legal fees your lawyer charges. To save money, you might consider filing without a lawyer. While you can legally do this, you might want to think twice about it. You might encounter some downsides by filing yourself, and here are some of them.

23 November 2021

Will Bankruptcy Ruin Your Financial Life?


Among the various financial and legal tools available to Americans, bankruptcy often has one of the most unfairly negative public perceptions. Bankruptcy attorney services exist to help people get their finances under control, but the process is sometimes wrongly seen as ruinous. Ask a bankruptcy attorney about the system, though, and they'll tell you that many people have been able to right their finances with a bit of help from the courts.

30 June 2021