Filing A Social Security Disability Claim: 3 Facts You Should Know


Have you recently suffered a debilitating injury or illness that has left you unable to work? If so, you should know that you may be eligible to collect monthly benefits through the social security disability program. However, before you file your claim for disability benefits, there are a few facts that you should know.

Fact #1: You Must Fulfill Employment Requirements To Get Social Security Disability Benefits

When trying to determine whether they will qualify for disability benefits, many applicants focus purely on the medical requirements they must meet in order to qualify for these benefits. However, proving that you are medically disabled is just one part of the equation. You will also need to prove that you have earned enough work credits through your years of employment in order to qualify for these benefits. This is because social security benefits are funded through the social security taxes that you pay each time you collect a paycheck. Consequently, only people who have paid into this program will be eligible to receive benefits.

While the Social Security Administration traditionally tracks each person's employment information automatically using their social security number, it is possible for these records to be inaccurate if any of your income was not reported. If you are denied benefits due to a lack of adequate work credits, it is extremely important to ensure that all of your income has been accurately reported to the SSA.

Fact #2: You May Still Qualify For SSI Benefits Even If You Are Turned Down For SSDI Benefits

The Social Security Administration operates two separate benefits programs that are available to injured workers. The benefits provided by the social security disability insurance program are often referred to as SSDI benefits. These are the benefits that will require work credits in order for you to qualify for. However, even if you do not qualify for benefits under this program, you may be able to collect benefits under the supplement income insurance program, otherwise known as SSI. These supplemental benefits are made available to all disabled individuals who meet income guidelines regardless of whether or not they have ever worked a day in their life.

If you do qualify for SSDI benefits, you may also be eligible for additional SSI benefits if you meet the income requirements.

Fact #3: You Have The Right To Appeal Any And All Decisions Made In Your Case

People are often aware of the fact that they can file an appeal if their disability claim is denied. However, many of these individuals will not realize that they can also appeal other decisions that are made in their case. For instance, if you disagree with the amount of benefits awarded or the date that this awarded became active, you can appeal these decisions without the fear of losing you benefits as a result.

While filing an appeal is relatively easy, winning an appeal can be considerably more difficult. This is especially true for individuals who do not fully understand the laws and agency regulations that govern social security cases. Therefore, if you are planning to appeal any decision in your case, it is always best to consult a social security disability attorney, such as Banik & Renner, before doing so. 


13 March 2015

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